Pedestrian deaths, unresolved safety issues, overachievement and weight trucks – overweight electric trucks — and the conflicting attitude toward vehicles equipped as new Hummer EVvery much in the head Robinson Meyer.

Mr. Meyer, who envisions the 1,000-horsepower pickup as a cross between an ambulance and a race car, is a staff writer Atlantica respected, long-lived journal founded in 1857 by Iago a recent essay in a major monthly magazine begins with a description of a terrifying video clip posted online Edward Barseghyan containing 9,000 lbs Hummer racing at full tilt towards three lanes of idling cars (the driver stops him in time). Then he pretty much berates the car.

“Hummer EV haters and lovers have discovered one of the most important facts about electric”super trucks‘: They are very heavy and go very fast,” he writes. “When you imagine an ambulance that can accelerate as fast as a Formula 1 car, you imagine a vehicle only slightly bulkier than a new Hummer.” .

Meyer continues to debate the permit issue battery powered vehicles that weigh as much as a Hummer on public roads. “The weight of electric vehicles is a safety issue that drivers—cyclists and pedestrians alike—will only have to worry about as these vehicles become mainstream,” he explains. “Suffice it to say, huge vehicles like the Hummer EV should face some sort of regulation, especially in cities and towns where they pose some threat to the public.”

For Hummer fans, these are fighting words. But Meyer tries to offer a kind of answer to Anthony Schiavo, director of research at global consulting firm Lux Research: Why is the Hummer so heavy when its accumulators weighs only about 3,000 pounds?

“It’s a design and marketing choice,” Schiavo replies. “People like big cars, and the reason these big cars are made is because they sell.”

The author concludes the introduction to his thesis with questions climate change, liberal and conservative politics. In some places his arguments wander; they become confusing. But for those who are into electrics and big trucks, “Frankenstein’s Hammer“It’s worth reading.

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