We’ve seen a lot over the years copies of the hypercar based on the base models, but Honda’s build from Georgia stands out from the crowd. The reason for this is its radical transformation of a wide body into a long tail, which makes it look like a mid-engined monster.

The unique car was created by an American body shop called RD General Auto Repair LLC. The front fascia features aftermarket headlights from the fifth generation Honda Civic, custom bumper, wide fenders and vented hood. The side windows may look like a Ferrari Enzo, but the mid-body, including the cockpit, greenhouse and removable roof, is derived from Honda (CR-X) Civic Del Sol this is probably the front base for all of this.

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The profile and tail look kind of weird. The chassis has been stretched to the point where the wheelbase resembles a limousine, although the two-door body style is retained. The side air intakes look like they came from a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder although the upper entrances have been moved further. The tail section is boxy with unidentified recessed taillights and Lexus-style quad exhaust pipes. The rear deck is long enough to fit a decent-sized pickup truck comfortably, but instead features a carbon fiber engine cover.

Unfortunately, we were unable to contact the company on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the basics. So we don’t know if the engine is under the hood or if it has moved to the mid position like in Honda NSX. Either way, we hope it packs enough power to match its wild exterior.

The latest photos of the Honda del Sol widebody longtail conversion were released in 2020, and we’re pretty impressed that it hasn’t been spotted in the wild. Maybe the owner doesn’t take it outside much because it’s quite difficult to stay unnoticed.

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Photos taken from RD General Auto Repair LLC on Facebook