Dixon’s average speed for four laps at the Indianapolis racetrack was 234.046 miles per hour, making it the fastest pole race in Indian history and the second fastest in all time. (The famous 236-mile-per-hour run of Arie Luendík in 1996 was not set on Pole Day).

The six-time champion praised the entire Ghanaian operation for this achievement, as well as for the fact that all five cars passed on the second day of qualifying.

“I think it was huge, but not just for the № 9 car,” he said. “I think that Chip and his whole group are a great merit of every person in the team. It was definitely a feat.

“Five cars in Fast 12; four in Fast 6. Every team owner dreams of such a situation and I think Jimmy without hiccups [Johnson] if, there would be all of us. Thanks to Chip and everyone on the team. Thanks Honda and HPD.

“The amount of effort that is put into qualifying alone is staggering. I think even for us who are part of a team and in such a community, it’s crazy. It’s great for the team to see it and for it to pay off. “

Dixon said that going to the last race with teammate Alex Palo on top of the speed charts, he “knew the pole was guaranteed to our team, but of course I wanted that, not Alex.”

He then singled out for praise his racing engineer Michael Canan, with whom he won the 2020 IndyCar Championship.

“Cannon, great honor to him. After yesterday we did a few things we shouldn’t have done and yesterday’s effect really affected us. I guess we were lucky with the weather and it led us to that Fast 12 so we continue today. “

“[It’s]step one, but nothing guarantees you. It’s pulling you up at least this week. Hopefully we are so happy next Sunday and one of us was lucky enough to drink milk. Then it’s a job well done. Yes, I guess it’s some bragging for a few days, but that’s all it means. “

With this pole position, Dixon broke away from four sides with Rex Mace, AJ Voight and Helio Castroneves on four poles of Indus, so now he ranks second in singles, only one behind Rick Myrs.

Asked if it upset his potential poles that were gone, Dixon replied, “No, I’d rather have three wins more than me! It’s simple and straightforward. The Pole is fantastic and, again, it is a privilege, but everyone wants to win, man.

“It’s damn hard to do for many reasons and for everyone on the team. Believe me, everyone feels really good in this situation, but not as good as I felt when I won in 2008, so I want that feeling to be there again.

“All 33 drivers want this feeling, and some have experienced it before, and unfortunately, it makes you want it much more again.”

Dixon’s only win so far in the Indy 500 came back in 2008, while the Ghanaian team is looking for its first win in India since Dario Franciti scored his third triumph in 2012.


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