Daly finished fifth in a chaotic race hampered by changeable weatherwhich was exacerbated by visibility issues when viewed through an airscreen mounted on his Ed Carpenter Racing recording.

The Daily reported that recently racing in the worst humid conditions around the dividing ridge in the center of its airscreen was accumulating water.

Although IndyCar tested its airscreen on a wet field during pre-season trials on the America’s track in February 2020 and then qualified for the wet mid-Ohio that summer, it was the first time the device was used in wet racing. .

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Daley said. “It was as if the water just stayed in the center of the screen. I don’t know why, but even if you went faster, that’s how you hoped to figure it out, it’s not.

“Obviously, this is a very scientific test. Obviously we have a lot of data that needs to be read on the series and I’m sure Jay Fry [IndyCar president] also look at it. And he hates when I talk about airscreen, but I just describe what I see. That’s all. It was difficult.

Luckily, Peckie Wheeler had a great caretaker who literally led me to turn 1. I couldn’t see the brake area, the car in front of me or the end of the pit wall, but I could look at from the side of the air screen, so I looked right and left. to go straight, that was neat! ”

Daly added: “I used to race all the time in the rain, so we had a visor to work with, but it’s a new era, so obviously there are things we can understand. We go from here.

“I think it was hard. It was definitely hard to get involved in such a race because you obviously don’t want to be on the wrong side. Even under the yellow I didn’t see the cars in front of me. I had to be directed to the pit lane, and that’s alarming.

“I hope we can figure it out, but hopefully we will also have very brilliant weather by the end of the year.”

Connor Daly, Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet

Photo: Philip Abbott / Drawings of motorsport

Daley had early problems when he fell sharply, but good strategy, good pace and fewer mistakes than many of his more famous opponents meant he picked up order.

«[It was a] the first term is difficult for us, ”he reminded. “I don’t know what happened to the first set of reds, but they were used by the reds and we just went back. The car was an absolute handful and I don’t know why.

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“Then it made our hand and we put on new reds and we went back to the beautiful car it was.

“So I think we went through the second fastest race lap and we just pulled, filling in part of the ground we lost. Then obviously the sky opened up a bit, so the rest of the day was interesting.”


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