The Honda CR-V isn’t very well known for its sporting prowess, but that hasn’t stopped one owner in Japan from turning it into a stunning high-speed car. With a face from the village R34 Nissan Skyline GT-Rit deceives many observers, but under the skin, it is a beast with 500 hp. all-wheel drive.

Shot by YouTuber Adam Zilin on HKS Premium Day on the world-famous Fuji Speedway in Japan, this CR-V can only be seen from behind. The front and sides of the car look like a crushed Nissan Stagea, and in fact, that’s what Zilin thought it was originally.

Take a deeper look at all the details and you will quickly realize that this is probably more impressive than any Stage fund. The B18C engine under the hood was boosted by a Garrett turbocharger powered by a special titanium intake.

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This engine spins up to 8500 rpm and has a speedometer that runs at 320 km / h or just shy of 200 mph. Pass all 500 horsepower standard transmission CR-V and then into the AWD system. We’re amazed he can handle that grunt.

Luckily, the owner thought the stop wasn’t a weak spot, and they installed six-piston large brake calipers from Endless at all four corners.

The front of the car is actually a standard aftermarket kit from Top Secret. And notice that the bottom is actually much higher than the real R34? This is one of the features that helps make this cutting edge perfectly fit on this crossover.

Such subtle but important details continue inside where we find Bride Low Max seats with full carbon buckets along with a completely individual center console with infotainment system with touch screen. Even the door cards are equipped with the same bright blue finish and black Alcantara found throughout the rest of the interior.

According to the owner, the only reason this car was not presented at the Tokyo Motor Show is that he felt it did not meet the requirements because the rear seats are still available. We would give up. The CR-V is a popular and beloved car, but honestly, we can’t come up with another non-standard version that would be as amazing as this one.

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