Chairman of the BMW National Dealers Forum David Sloan said the “modern, boutique” design seeks to turn a dealership into conversational space.

“Manufacturers are bringing greater sensitivity to their facility modernization programs,” said Sloan, president of the Sloane Automotive Group in suburban Philadelphia. “There is more reflection and willingness in finding contributions from retailers about what makes sense and what doesn’t.”

BMW last update its store design almost ten years ago. This concept, called Future Retail, emphasized open space, glass and natural light.

The latter concept focuses on BMW sedans and crossovers.

“The focus is on product presentation,” Bugbee said. “The car is a star.”

Dealer Mark Smith described the new design as “warm and colorful”, giving the showroom a feeling of “eclectic hotel lobby”.

“The customer is expecting something new and different,” said Smith, president of Principle Auto in San Antonio, which runs two BMW stores. “I congratulate BMW for what it thought of customers.”

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