According to the latest AutoForecast Solutions assessment, European assembly plants suffered from a persistent shortage of microchips last week, even as the whole world received a reprieve.

In a new production forecast, AFS added about 98,900 vehicles to its global count of cars that were removed from automakers ’production schedules this year. So far in 2022, about 1.4 million cars have been driven out in addition to the 10.5 million cars lost in 2021, according to AFS.

European plants accounted for 97,600 increments. This year, they eliminated about 747,000 cars due to a global shortage of chips.

However, assembly plants in other parts of the world have observed relatively small violations related to chips. Only about 1,300 more cars were cut at North American factories, while no additional cuts were reported in Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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