Max Ferstappen says that losing in any significant race in FP2 at the Miami Grand Prix was “extremely painful” given that he needed to explore a new track.

At the beginning of the second training session, Red Bull was delayed with Ferstappen on the track due to a change of gearbox, and when he still came out, he soon slowed down due to a problem that caused his rear brakes to catch fire. It was the only lap that Ferstappen passed in FP2.

“It’s just not a very good day,” Ferstappen said. “Of course, these days it hurts a lot, especially on a track where you want to be there, explore the track and gain speed. I basically did four or five laps today – fast laps – so that’s not what you want.

«[I had] some problems with the hydraulics, so once I got out of the box, I couldn’t really drive – as if I was locked in – and yes, the brakes were also burning, so a lot of problems.

“I mean, I’ll certainly try to catch up, but it’s just not perfect. Everyone is a little more on the run, but … we have no information about my car. It hurts a lot. ”

The first training session was a red flag when Walter Botas crashed and FP2 was twice suspended due to another Carlos Sainz crash and Nicholas Latifi stop, but Ferstappen says Red Bull cannot blame these incidents for costing him time on route.

“This is not an excuse for what is happening to us today. We just have to look at ourselves. I don’t care what happens on the track with the red flags. Today we could do much more.

“I think these are more procedural things that we need to improve on this Friday’s workout, but we’ll talk about that.”


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