MG will soon return to sports car segment, hoping to repeat the success of its iconic roadsters. However, there is a sporty model from MG’s past that didn’t sell in large numbers: the XPower SV/SVR. A low mileage example that combines British design with Italian manufacturing and an American V8 is up for sale in London, UK as one of the rarest sports cars of today.

Launched back in 2002, the XPower was based on the chassis of De Tomaso Bigua/Quale Mongoose after MG acquired the Italian company Qvale. However, it came with a special carbon fiber body with pronounced wheel arches and signature side gills and Ford’s V8. Due to the small production volume, some parts were obtained from existing models, including Fiat Punto headlights, Art Fiat Coupe rear lights, art MG TF door handles, and Rover 75 door mirrors.

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Production MG XPower started in 2003, but only nine models were sold before the automaker took control in 2005. MG is believed to have produced a total of 82 units, including prototypes, of which 42 were SVR and only 23 of them are left-hand drive.

According to the list on DD Classic, this particular LHD SVR was one of the last units to leave the factory and shows just 4,000 km (2,485 miles) on the odometer. It combines a Mirror Silver exterior shade with a red and black interior. Every part of it looks like new, with no signs of wear. The same applies to the basics, including Ford sources 5.0-liter V8 with 385 hp. (287 kW / 390 hp) and a torque of 510 Nm (376 lb-ft) in a new form.

DD Classics hasn’t revealed the price, but we’re sure it won’t be cheap. The high cost was one of the reasons MG couldn’t sell many examples of the XPower, with the SVR costing £83,000 ($92,849 at the current exchange rate) when new in 2007. Last March, the same MG XPower SVR was sold at auction Bonhams for €69,000 ($67,074). How much would you pay for it today?

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