The first-ever Miami Grand Prix at the Miami Dolphin Hard Rock Stadium has become the most hyped new Formula One race in recent years, and it has also been reflected in ticket prices.

The cheapest tickets to the stands at $ 640, the second most expensive seats in the Formula 1 calendar after Monaco, sold out on the first day of release.

Fans wishing to gain access to the public entrance had to shell out between $ 300 for Friday and $ 500 for race day, which is only exacerbated by inflated prices for numerous food and beverage benefits.

The festival-style event, which is attracting interest from fans and sponsors around the world and has sold out to 240,000 spectators in three days, is further proof that the championship has made a big splash in the US. But his Super Cup-like traction also meant that he, like the NFL final, took most people out of the market.

Asked about criticism of ticket prices, Miami boss GP Garfinkel, who also runs the Dolphins venue and Hard Rock Stadium, said supply and demand dictated ticket prices.

“Well, it’s partly a shortage of both supply and demand,” Garfinkel said. “I mean, we’ve never had a public sale, and we’ve had such a high demand that ticket prices have depended in part on that.”

Esteban Ocon, Alpine A522, Carlos Science Jr., Ferrari F1-75

Photo by Mark Satan / Drawings of motorsport

Garfinkel insisted that shared tickets, which Miami calls on-campus tickets, provide good value for money, given that they spared no expense to turn South Florida into a semi-theme park with a beach club, fan zones and live concerts throughout all weekend. .

“I think one thing we did not do very well [with] “We can work better in the future by informing people about what an entrant is on campus,” he explained.

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“For $ 300 on Friday you can go out and try out the racetrack. There are a lot of different things with campus passes. There’s a lot to learn here. It’s not a typical transition to the site. You can see a lot of different parts on the racetrack. There are a lot of different things.”

“And then at a high level, yes, we have some luxurious experiences when tickets are very expensive. So part of that was a function of supply and demand. But we hope to give that experience to the people who bought the tickets.”

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