French startup Kilow was present at the Paris Motor Show with its first creation: La Bagnole. The name roughly translates to “jalopy,” which fits the spirit of this self-deprecating, fun two-seater electric car.

Looks like a small Jeep Willys SUV was created with the idea that less is better. As such, it has been stripped of gadgets and gizmos and weighs less than 350 kg (772 lb). This decision was made, Kilau says, to allow drivers to experience the joy of driving their minivan.

Power comes from a 21.4 hp engine. (16 kW/21.7 hp), which can accelerate it to 40 km/h (25 mph) in four seconds. It can also push the little electric car to a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) if you don’t want to register it on the road, in which case you can drive it without a license, or to a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) if you don’t mind dealing French registration.

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Its batteries which, Auto Mag shows, in form as canisters— La Bagnole can travel 70 to 140 km (43 to 87 miles) on a single charge, depending on the configuration. It’s a short distance, but the automaker claims it can be charged in just a few hours, even from a regular outlet.

Kilow admits that, regardless of how it’s registered, La Bagnole is a bit of a toy. Therefore, he offered to sell it together with his own a toy box. The toy box is not only a cute novelty, but also useful as it is enclosed with solar panels and can be used to charge the car.

This can be especially useful in rural areas remote areas, where the plug is harder to find. And the La Bagnole will most likely end up in those areas because, as you can tell from its design, it should be a capable off-roader.

Kilow also says that the La Bagnole can be cooled, can be waterproof, more protected and more compartments. Prices, however, to start priced at €9,900 ($9,751 at current exchange rates), and Kilow says first deliveries will take place in January 2023.

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Live Photos by Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for CarScoops