Chinese company BAIC has released the new BJ60, the latest addition to its rich line of SUVs, in which the hybrid powertrain combines a noticeably jeep-like face (even if it avoids using a 7-slot grille) with a Toyota Land Cruiser-style body. BAIC SUV with a stair frame that was previewed in the series official sketches a few months ago will compete with a similar size Tank 500 in China.

In terms of dimensions, the BJ60 has a length of 5020 mm (197.6 inches), a width of 1925 mm (75.7 inches) and a height of 1955 mm (76.9 inches) with a wheelbase of 2820 mm (110 inches). These numbers make it a little longer Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Seriesalthough the latter still predominates on the wheelbase by a small margin. In its own line of SUVs the BAIC BJ60 outgrows the BJ80, but it’s smaller than that BJ90 which is based on the previous generation Mercedes-Benz GLS.

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As you can see, the BJ60 combines elements of several brands. It is reminded by a lattice with illumination which merges with LED headlights Jeepthe tinted wings and window line are clearly inspired by the Toyota Land Cruiser, and the taillights have a hue Ford Explorer in them. For the press photos, BAIC opted for a light blue exterior paint combined with matte silver accents on the side panels, railings and window frame, as well as a set of two-tone 20-inch wheels.

Inside we see three rows of seats upholstered in white perforated leather, while an SUV will also be available in five-seater options. The dashboard has a digital dashboard, a 12-inch freestanding infotainment touchscreen and pixel graphics on the passenger side. Other features include a front-facing display, premium audio system, ambient lighting, heated seats and a panoramic roof.

BAIC did not disclose detailed specifications for the BJ60, but said its hybrid transmission offers a range of 1,000 km (621 mph) and acceleration from 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) in 6 seconds. According to MotorhomeThe SUV with a stair frame will come with all-wheel drive, locked differentials and lots of off-road-oriented systems that improve its off-ply capabilities.

Prices have not yet been announced, but we expect them to match competitors such as Tank 500. We also do not know whether BAIC is interested in exporting BJ60 to other markets where there is a high demand for large and durable SUVs with ICE.

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