Grammer has developed a new center console for the VW Multivan that combines a lightweight design with innovative features and controls.

The gearshift and handbrake were moved from the center tunnel to the dashboard thanks to a shift using wires, and the designers used the freed space to install a rail that runs from the first to third rows of seats on which the center table is located. can move freely.

“We were able to bring our experience in the form of an innovative self-locking spring system, which we also patented for our customer,” said Jürgen Gerl, Head of Automotive Supplier.

The entire central table module can be moved and locked in any position thanks to the “intuitive” system of levers.

The table can be used at different heights, such as a classic low shelf between the front seats or at a working height behind.

The table can be extended upwards and extended on both sides, while coasters and storage compartments are included.

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