Further use of technological building blocks of their parent companies, Nexteer Automotive and Continental Automotive, CNXMotion Expands Brake-to-Steer (BtS) technology with two new software features that provide backup security levels for all variants of systems with electric power steering (EPS) and Steer-by-Wire (SbW), as well as for all levels of automation driving SAE (levels 1-5).

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BtS CNXMotion’s technology portfolio includes:

  • Driver effort support: SAE levels 1-3 – NEW
  • Steer-by Wire Support: SAE Levels 1-5 – NEW
  • Automated driving support: SAE levels 4-5 (launched in 2020)

“These new Brake-to-Steer software features additionally provide safety redundancy across all power steering applications and SAE control levels without the cost and complexity of additional equipment,” said Greg Katch, general manager of CNXMotion. “Our advanced Brake-to-Steer technology can help ensure that the safety net is always enabled through driver effort support and steering support, as well as automatic driving support.”

Support driver efforts from brakes to steering

EPS systems are designed with multiple protective layers to ensure that the safety net of the steering is always on. Combined with the traditional EPS system, BtS Driver Effort Support adds another layer of safety and can provide an additional reduction in torque of up to 25%. While steering has traditionally driven the side of the vehicle, BtS allows the braking and transmission systems to contribute to the side steering to reduce steering effort when needed, the company said.

Support for steering with brakes

SbW replaces the mechanical steering connection between the flywheel and the road wheels with algorithms, electronics and drives. In this type of steering system, the BtS SbW Support function adds another level of safety by translating the driver’s steering inputs into controlling the car’s lateral braking system.

Automated support for driving from brakes to steering

Launched in 2020, the original BtS CNXMotion feature has pioneered the use of electronic braking as an additional level of steering for traditional, highly automated and autonomous vehicles (SAE Levels 4-5). This is the BtS feature earned Automotive news PACEpilot innovations to watch in 2021.

“Brake-to-Steer’s advanced software features emphasize how our collaboration with our CNXMotion joint venture with Continental leads to innovation in traffic management solutions and further enhances the safety of the steering network for all levels of automated control,” said Robin Milovets, President. , chief technologist. officer, chief strategy officer and executive director of the board of Nexteer Automotive. “Combined with industry-leading advanced steering systems such as Steer-by-Wire or High Availability EPS, Brake-to-Steer provides OEMs with a cost-effective and flexible way to add another level of safety and redundancy.”

Benefits of brakes for drivers and OEMs

Value: Uses existing vehicle steering, braking and transmission systems. The functions of the portable software can be located on an existing controller, which saves on the cost of any additional hardware.

Flexibility: Provides an extra level of security and vehicle redundancy on all vehicles with EPS and SbW. The three BtS software features cover all types of vehicles with or without a driver.

Security: Increases safety through an additional level of steering redundancy.

“As the industry moves towards highly automated and autonomous vehicles, advanced Brake-to-Steer functions enable the use of critical safety functions at all levels, which improves safety for all road users,” said Lutz Kunke, Head of Safety. and the Continental movement. Automotive, North America. “Technology from brakes to steering CNXMotion offers a flexible and cost-effective way to meet and prioritize safety needs through the use of existing in-car systems, such as Continental’s 1-box MKC1 brake control unit, and eliminating the need for additional components. ”


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