Remember Nissan Juke, ready for the rally concept from last year? Well, it seems Nissan took it pretty seriously, presenting it to the real world as a one-time tribute to the 240Z, which won the 1971 East Africa Rally.

As the name suggests, the Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute is based on the new one a hybrid version of the SUV which is scheduled to hit the market in Europe this summer. However, he received a number of visual modifications that made him look like a real roller skater. Wheel arches are cut to make room for the 265 / 70R16 Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires, with wider thicker wings. There are also plastic superstructures on the front and rear bumpers with protective sidewalls, larger fog lights, additional lighting units mounted on the hood, and an LED bar on the roof.

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Other changes behind stock juke include a roof rack, lowering the rear windshield to make room for two full-size spare wheels, and a steep view of the dual exhaust pipes sticking out of the rear bumper. The special livery is inspired by the Nissan 240Z from the East African Rally with a black hood, deep red hue and vintage sponsorship stickers all over the body.

In the cabin Nissan added cardboard, fire extinguisher, a pair of racing seats with four-point seat belts, rear bench, steering wheel with Alcantara upholstery, hydraulic handbrake and intercom system with headphones for driver and staff. -Driver / navigator so they can communicate safely while racing.

Despite the tough look, the hybrid transmission remains standard, so the Juke is inevitably slower than the original 240Z a 1971 rally car that was restored in 2013 and remains part of Nissan’s heritage collection. Thus, the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with no exhaust produces 93 liters. -ft) torque. There is also a second electric motor that works as an HSG (high-voltage starter generator), a water-cooled battery with a capacity of 1.2 kW / h and a sophisticated multi-mode gearbox that transmits power to the front axle. The only change compared to the roadside Juke Hybrid is that the Rally Tribute consumes biofuels from Shell.

As you may have guessed, the Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute is a one-time project that is not destined for production. Given the city’s SUV lifestyle, we don’t expect Juke Hybrid owners to be inspired by the DIY conversion concept, although the off-road-ready Juke will definitely look cool on the porch. If only it was all-wheel drive and more powerful transmission.

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