The next chapter in the history of Pagan is about to unfold.

On Wednesday, the boutique supercar maker announced that the Pagani C10 supercar will debut in Milan on September 12, and it has teased the supercar through social media.

Pagani noted that the C10 will be the new generation of its hypercars.

It is unclear whether the name C10 will be transferred to production, but do not count on it. Huayra was codenamed C9 before it was officially launched.

Pagani will build no more than 300 C10 models, and this will apply to coupe and convertible models as well as expected special editions. It is reported that all assembly sites are filled.

Two versions of the C10 are under development. One of them will be equipped with a new 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12 from Mercedes-Benz AMG. The second? A new era, completely electric. And Pagani EV Models with the V-12 will be equipped with a serial transmission with switches or a manual transmission for those who # ДайЗрух.

Pagani expects the V-12 model to meet global emissions requirements by at least 2026, and at this point, hybridization is likely to be required to fail.

The electric model can use Mercedes-Benz AMG parts or possibly Lucid parts. At this stage it is unclear. But Lucid’s main shareholders are the Saudi State Investment Fund and the Sovereign Wealth Fund. acquired a 30% stake in Pagani in 2021.

Regardless of the transmission, the C10 is expected to have less than 900 hp. According to CEO and founder of the automaker Arasio Pagani, these hypercars are not committed to fast acceleration or top speed. Each Pagani is limited to a speed of 217 miles per hour. The focus of Pagani is lightness.

The design that was seen in early May, will be evolutionary from Huayra. Elements of both Huayra and Zonda seem to be mixed together, but the flat area behind can introduce some active aeroelements.

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