The joint venture will be based on the Sony Vision-S 02 concept, and it could be amazing.

Sony Vision S 02 from the front passenger angle

As today’s cars become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, for cars, it makes more sense for technology companies to develop. With digital functions always running in the background, active safety features and intensive infotainment systems, the new cars are equipped with modern technology. This is what led us to The Sony concept car from a few years ago, and why everyone generally thought it was a completely believable car. Well, now Sony has teamed up with Honda and is going to take this machine to completion.

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It could be a match made in heaven

Sony Vision S from the front passenger angle

Sony Honda Mobility, a joint venture between the two companies established in early 2022, announced on October 13 that the car, which will be jointly developed by Sony and Honda, is in development and will go on sale in the US and Japan in 2026. Sales in Europe are likely, however, and the car’s prices will need to rise as the EU and UK have passed legislation requiring electric car batteries to be manufactured within their borders to prevent additional tariffs. Part of the point is that the car will be sold exclusively online, meaning no dealers.

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Since the car is being developed in part by a technology company, the infotainment system and digital features will definitely be a top priority. A decent number of modern infotainment systems are slow and glitchy, like a new Volkswagen Golf is an example. Sony wants none of that, so their system will be equipped with a processor that is almost eight times stronger than the processor of the flagship smartphone.

A powerful processor can potentially provide third-level autonomy. This means that the car can technically be fully autonomous, but only under limited conditions, and the driver must be fully aware and ready to take control at any moment. These limited conditions are likely to only include freeway driving as they are easier to map and have smoother and more predictable traffic than urban conditions.

Sony Vision driving on a mountain road in the snow

Honda will handle almost everything else, like who will supply the battery and what existing platform the car will use. Speaking of which, it will be all-electric and likely an SUV that will be styled after the Sony Vision-S 02 concept and will be built either at the Marysville plant or at an upcoming plant to be built by Honda and LG in Fayette County. . In any case, it appears that production will take place in Ohio.