A new partnership has been announced, which aims to provide EV chargers for businesses across the UK.

The agreement between the charging software platform Monta and the manufacturer of charging points CTEK stipulates that they offer a complete EV charging package for businesses, from the installation and management of charging points to payment and customer support.

Client businesses will gain access to features such as smart queuing, booking and load balancing.

Monta UK country manager Alok Duby said: “While the number of charging points has increased over the last few years, it’s just not fast enough.

“We believe there is a big gap in the market for businesses in the UK to start offering chargers for EVs, so we are working with CTEK to provide a service that optimizes and manages the whole process.

“The combination of Monta software and CTEK hardware means that business owners get a complete solution with minimal hassle. Because everything is connected, it means we can see potential owners throughout the process – from installation to completion – to run and run them as soon as possible. ”

CTEK World Director of Energy and Facilities Cecilia Rutledge said: “From our own research we know that charger worries and lack of infrastructure are the biggest obstacles for potential EV owners, but British businesses have a huge opportunity to solve this mystery by discovering a whole new stream of income.

“To keep up with the pace of EV demand, we need to be able to provide chargers that can solve current problems as well as prepare for the next generation of electric vehicles. Monta’s intelligent charging features, as well as its ability to cover open charging points, were important factors for us when we decided to merge, and we are ready to make it even easier for business owners to provide their own charging solutions. ”

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