The next generation BMW 5-Series prototype has been spotted again.

The new mid-size sedan is still in the early stages of development, but a number of details can already be identified.

The proportions are reminiscent of the much-loved E39 generation, and the headlights appear to be slimmer compared to the current generation. We also see that the headlights taper along the fenders, much more so than last generations.

When it comes to what’s under the hood, BMW is committed to giving customers a choice of powertrain, at least until it makes the transition to an all-electric lineup. As a result, powertrains will likely include a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric. Yes, there will be an electric 5 Series, which will be called the i5. in fact, prototypes have already been spotted.

This flexibility is made possible by the latest version of the BMW Group’s CLAR modular platform, which supports conventional powertrains in addition to hybrid and battery electric options. There is information that even future variant of the M5 will offer a choice of hybrid or electric battery, marking the first time that there is more than one powertrain for a super sedan.

Look for the redesigned 5-Series to debut in 2023 as a 2024 model year. The M5 variant should arrive in about six months to a year. But before they arrive, BMW fans can look forward to new generations X1 and 7th seriesas well as a new one performance SUV as a BMW M exclusive.

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