• Porsche offers a special version of the novelty 2023 911 GT3 RS called Carrera RS Tribute package.
  • It is painted white and has Python Green accents and other visual touches.
  • This will only be offered in the US as part of the Exclusive Manufaktur customization program.

    Porsche likes to play up its rich heritage, and the latest version has just been unveiled 911 GT3 RS intended for this. Called the Tribute to Carrera RS package, this special edition is visually inspired by the Carrera RS 2.7 of the 1970s, which was the first 911 to bear the RS badge.

    To that end, the new GT3 RS is finished in white paint, while the wheels, side mirrors and some other exterior elements are painted in Python Green. There’s also a large green stripe on the side that says ‘GT3 RS’ in a slightly updated version of the original ‘Carrera’ font. The giant rear wing has “RS” logos in green on each end. The interior also follows the white and green theme with various stitching and other colored trim pieces.


    Porsche will only offer this option in the U.S. market, which it says is the 911’s “second home.” It will be part of the Exclusive Manufaktur tuning program, and while Porsche hasn’t revealed a price yet, we’re guessing it won’t be a cheap option on top of the GT3 RS starting price of $225,250 (before gas tax). It should also be rare, as Porsche says its availability will be limited.


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