Of all the electric car companies that make bold promises, very few end up delivering on them. Rimac, with his disbelief is one of them. Now, some five years after the release of the Rimac Concept_One, a pair of production Neveras will make their US debut at The Quail, a motorsports gathering in Carmel Valley, California.

During planning and production, Rimac built 18 prototypes. These cars went through 45 different physical crash tests to ensure that the finished production car would be homologated for all major markets, including the US. Of those original 18 cars, 11 were completely destroyed in the process. Those sacrifices are now paying off as US buyers will have the freedom to own and drive the Nevera here in the States. How Mercedes proved it earlier this yearthis is not always the case with ultra-premium hypercars.

Two production Neveras will be on display on the Quail Lodge greens in Carmel Valley during Monterey Car Week. Rimac has now confirmed that it has established a network of 10 dealer partners across the country to meet customer needs, including sales and service. Mate Rimac praised the achievement, looking back on the short history of his company.

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“We’ve been coming to Monterey Car Week for years, showcasing our first car – Concept_Unit – and then the gradual development of the C_Two into its final production form as the Nevera. This year’s performance at The Quail is undoubtedly our most significant yet; a clear indicator that all the promises we made during the five years of development have been fulfilled and exceeded; the world’s first all-electric hypercar – and the fastest production car – is now ready to ship to customers around the world. It’s also the first year we’ve seen our joint venture Bugatti Rimac show why it’s the best hypercar company in the world, with Nevera gathering on the lawns of Quail Lodge with the new Bugatti.”

After Monterey Car Week, one of the Neveras will go on an extensive tour of the United States so that fans and potential customers can get up close and personal with the all-electric hypercar. This tour will continue until the end of this year, although specific locations have yet to be announced. Another Nevera will return to Europe for other events there, including the Supercar Owners’ Circle competition in Croatia.

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