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The building in the area where the fight between the two motorcycle clubs took place last weekend in Fall River was closed by the city.

According to the city building inspector, 1375 Pleasant Street does not meet the standards and there are security problems. Nobody enters the building at this time.

Fall River Police Captain Barden Castro said city inspectors were at the biker club on Tuesday. The Fall River Reporter also asked Castro for information about the investigation.

“I hope we may have a break from the investigation, but the detectives are still working on their reports, so I can’t report anything about it.”

According to Detective Moses Pereira, at about 12:25 a.m. Saturday, the Fall River Police Department responded to Pleasant Street in response to a report of a major gunman.

Upon arrival, officers learned that a fight between two rival motorcycle clubs in Pleasant Street and Cash Street had involved a fight involving about 50 people. As a result of close combat, seven adult men were injured. Four were taken to Rhode Island Hospital and the other three victims were taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Several people reported that Charlton was imprisoned shortly after the incident.

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