A team of students from Dutch universities has radically redesigned the van with solar energy and aerodynamic shape.

As reported recently in the “Fully Charged Show”, Stella Vita is an electric van with folding solar panels, developed by Solar Team Eindhoven, a team of engineering students of the University of Technology Eindhoven.

In 2021, the team took its creation on an 1864-mile journey across Europe, from Eindhoven to Tarifa, Spain. The RV road took just two stops to charge. A top speed of 74.5 miles per hour meant the Stella Vita could at least keep up with the traffic.

Stela Vita electric van on a fully charged show

The Stella Vita has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 60 kW / h, which gets some charge from the solar panels installed on the roof. According to Solar Team Eindhoven, they can generate 2 kW when folded or 4 kW when unfolded. Normal power reserve is estimated at 372 miles, but on a sunny day it could be increased to 453 miles, the team said.

With folded solar panels and a pop-up roof, the Stella Vita is 23.6 feet long, 6.7 feet wide and 6.0 feet high. It has an aluminum chassis and a fiberglass body with an aluminum / foam core that helps reduce weight to 3747 pounds.

The Stella Vita serves as proof of concept, but at least one past solar vehicle project has evolved into a car with production ambitions.

The Light first The solar car also started with members of the student team and became a real product that will be assembled by the Finnish company Valmet. It seeks to “jump over the grid” with a solar panel that removes the load from charging needs. This is also where Sono Zion will be built EV with the addition of solar energy.

Both machines; a serial RV, like the Stella Vita, may face additional hurdles. As we have just emphasized, it is reinforced the latest survey results-Electric cars face serious obstacles based on range and charging expectations.

This is when electric vans go current, conservative form factors. What would help bridge the gap between traditional vans and the more imaginative Stella Vita? Maybe electric Volkswagen ID camper?


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