Tesla drivers are reporting issues with the Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) stopping too early at some intersections. The reason, according to some drivers, is that the stop signs at these intersections are larger than average.

A Twitter user @Cowcumber wrote about the problem on August 21, as first noted Drive. The user said they were trying to figure out their “left turn problem from hell” that caused their Tesla to brake “WAY too early (by now I HAVE to reverse to avoid getting rear-ended).”

Eventually, the user got so fed up that he broke out the tape measure and discovered that the sign was 48.5 inches (123 cm), much larger than the other stop signs in their area, which were only 30 inches (76 cm). ) is large.

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@Cowcumber then stated that the sign is about 60 percent larger than standard punctuation marksit was interpreted as 60 percent closer, confusing the car and causing it to slow prematurely.

It is not clear if this is actually the cause of the problem, and other members of the thread claim that it is Teslacameras will not interpret the images that way. @Cowcumber, however, is hardly the first to notice the problem.

Another commenter, @AlaniMike, posted that he had the same problem, claiming that his car always slow down hard at intersections near his home, and that it shows “several stop signs not marked properly.”

In a video posted on the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel, a Tesla driver uses Beta version of FSD 10.69 were talking about the same issue in their car.

“There used to be a problem with stopping at these stop signs because there are giant stop signs on this street,” they said. “And so he tried to stop too early because the stop signs were so big, and I realized, ‘Okay, size is a big part of how it’s done.’ And as you can see, maybe it’s being done a little bit here as well.”

Although the driver claims that the issue was resolved with the latest update, it remains. Although the cause of the problem is unknown, it is only one of many that exist suffered from Tesla’s ADAS systems.

The automaker is facing criticism for how it rolled out Autopilot and FSD. There is a system is being investigated by federal regulatorsis the subject complaint from the California DMVand was called dangerous by critics.


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