If you prefer to share your Land Rover with 7 of your companions on the road to fox hunting, the British brand will soon take for you just that equipment. It will be called the Defender 130, it will stretch the existing SUV by more than a few inches to make room for extra passengers.

Aiming to take as many off-road SUV pie as possible, Land Rover covers all bases with its square Defender. Current models include 90 and 110, showing both two- and four-door models respectively. The 130 will also be four-door, but will gain considerable length to squeeze the third row of seats into the cargo compartment, leaving room for tea and rolls. Land Rover advertises this thing as an 8-seater, informing us that there will be a pair of rows of three passengers in addition to the train of front racers.

Note that the two-door version 90 may have a bench in the front, an option not typically found outside of pickups, let alone a premium SUV from a luxury brand by inserting a seat between the driver. and front passenger. Personal experience has shown this writer that whoever holds this chair is forever knocking his knees against the HVAC Defender panel, but such is the price of nostalgia.

While the tony Range Rover Sport has always been a big seller for Land Rover here on this side of the pond, it has eclipsed the Defender by only about 2,200 units in the 2021 calendar year. This underscores the popularity of the square SUV and its image strength (as we all know, the actual number of SUVs will vary greatly). Our choice is a delicious V8 model that develops 518 horsepower with supercharging.

The new 8-seater Defender will launch in a couple of weeks on the last day of May, and the dealer orders the books simultaneously. Meanwhile, here’s a cool image of the OG Range Rover 1970 model year (in Lincoln Green, natch). Have any of you at the B&B ever been part of your amazingly amazing fleets?

[Images: Land Rover]

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