• Land Rover has announced a three-wheeler Defendercalled 130, will open on May 31st.
  • The model was first confirmed last March and we noticed it is being tested in September.
  • The Defender 130 will accommodate eight passengers and is expected to be offered with six- and eight-cylinder engines.

    The approaching arrival of the three-line Defender of course for some time. Land Rover first confirmed the existence of the model in March 2021, and we spied on prototypes boxing SUV testing in September. Now Land Rover has revealed that we will officially see the Defender 130 joining the lineup above two – door 90 and a four-door, double-row 110 – May 31 and released Figure 130, playing on some dunes.

    Brian WilliamsCar and driver

    The 130 will come with eight seats, with two rows of three located behind the driver and front passenger. To accommodate the extra passengers the Defender 130 is expected to grow by ten inches, with most of the extra length coming from the rear ledge. The extended back 130 is covered in a teaser image with a cloud of sand, but spy shots give a good idea of ​​what the extra length will look like, and nothing more in the design is expected.

    The elongated Defender 130, designed primarily for the US and Chinese markets, is expected to be offered only in higher trim levels and is likely to be equipped with both six- and eight-cylinder engines. The order books will open in the United Kingdom on May 31, and soon customers from the US will be able to take a deposit for the latest version of Defender. The starting price of the 130 is expected to be at least $ 70,000, and the V-8 models will cost more than $ 100,000.

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