The Miami Grand Prix got a thumbs up from the top three, and Max Ferstappen and Charles Leclerc called it an “amazing” event.

After several years in the planning stages, the first race took place around the Miami International Speedway at Hard Rock Stadium in front of a packed crowd, attracting celebrities such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and LeBron James. While the layout of the track itself has been subjected to constructive criticism, the podium finishers were impressed by the event as a whole.

“I think it was an incredible atmosphere,” Ferstappen said. “I mean, it was really incredibly well organized. Very nice to see it. It is not easy to organize such an event. But yes, they did a great job and I had a lot of fun skating.

“I think along the way we can improve a few areas. But I mean, in the race, I think Sector 1 was pretty hilarious. I think the Sector 2… would be nice if it could be a little faster and smoother for a Formula 1 car like we have now. You know: super long, heavy, wide. The [Turn] 14-15 chic is a bit of a tricky combination.

“And if that means more, I mean another 25 or 26 points, right? It’s a good platform, that’s for sure, but still you know you have the same number of points you can get. “

Perfect setting, but, according to the main characters of the race, the track can still be changed. Steve Etherington / Images of motorsport

Leclerc echoed Ferstappen’s mood after a race in which there was a lot of activation over the weekend.

“Yes, the atmosphere was incredible,” Leclerc agreed. “It’s nice to see how much interest the sport has aroused over the last few years. And yes, the organization was great. Lots of people, good weather. Yes, it was amazing to be here. ”

Taking third place, Carlos Sains said that the event itself does not require any improvements, but the track can be changed to provide an even more exciting race for fans.

“I think it was a mega-event combined … it’s not easy to create such a well-organized venue at the first event,” Science said. “So many people come, so many people in the corral … for me the corral was incredibly full!

“It was crazy. Yes, congratulations. I look forward to coming back here in the future. And I think that between us and the FIA ​​we can work better with asphalt, we can work better with some combinations of angles, and we can put together an even better show in the future. ”


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