Tom Williams secured his third RC2 class victory in as many starts this year, noting himself as the clear favorite in the class behind the wheel of his Ford Fiesta Rally2.

The job was easy for him in Oregon, but as his only opponent, Kyle Tilly, flew out on the very first superspecial and didn’t restart on either of the next two stages.

Dave Karapetyan was fifth overall in the vast majority of the competition when L4WD rival Jeff Sihorn, who returned to the ARA after a year of disengagement, retired due to a lack of power in his Subaru.

But it was vigorously chased by Subaru BRZ competitor O2WD competitor Derek Nelson, and it was brutally redesigned at the very last stage; Nelson was only five seconds ahead of Karapetyan.

However, both drivers will be superior in their classes.

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