A staple in most men’s wardrobes, destined to make an annual debut whenever the leaves start to turn, flannel shirts; they feel great, look good, and have plenty of American outdoor skills. Without them, we would all be lost. They are perfect for days when it is cold but a jacket would be too much. Slide one onto a a t-shirt, thermal or light knitwear and everything is ready. But that’s about as far as they’ll take you.

Flannel shirt vs flannel jacket

If are real winter weather is coming, plain flannel against the cold will prove useless by themselves. They should be sandwiched between other layers that provide extra warmth but don’t take the full load. But, let’s be honest, what’s the fun in hiding your brightly patterned shirt under a down jacket, parka, or half coat? Textured plaids deserve better – their time in the spotlight.

Look for a flannel jacket instead of a thin suede shirt. Of course, not all of them can keep you warm in extreme climates, but they provide enough warmth to withstand the weather of late fall and early winter. Simply put, they’re more substantial than standard flannel.

Some of the ones listed below have a fleece liner or more substantial construction; down to capture your body heat; and pockets to keep your hands warm. Others are not made of flannel at all, but rather resemble the patterns of flannel shirts – such as plaid.

The best flannel jackets for men

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The best flannel jacket

Buck Mason Blanket Flannel Field Jacket

The ultimate flannel jacket upgrade

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

The best flannel jacket available

Everlane The Heavyweight Top

The best flannel shirt jacket

Wax London Whiting Top Shirt

The best flannel jacket

Universal Works Bakers V3 Jacket

Percival Blanket Work Shirt

Patagonia Fjord Insulated Flannel Shirt

Jacket in a folk cage

Banana Republic Heritage Check Shirt Jacket

Studio Pieces flannel jacket

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