A racer in San Antonio, Texas, is asking for help from the racing community after his GT4 race car was recently stolen.

The car is released in 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT4 race car, was in the trailer Haulmark Edge 2020, which is towed behind the white GMC Denali HD 2019. The host who asked KENS 5an ABC affiliate, not to publish his name, said he stayed overnight at a hotel in the La Cantera district of northern San Antonio when the car was stolen.

He said he used to park there without any problems, but when he left the hotel room on Friday morning, May 6, at 8 am, he found nothing. Although the keys to the truck were in his pocket, there were no signs of his truck.

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He immediately called a tow truck to find out if his truck had been removed from the scene, but was unlucky. So he called Police.

“A police officer pointed out when he came out here, he says,“ This is not my jurisdiction, but I have been here several times. Each of the calls was stolen cars from this parking lot. “

The man believes the truck was stolen at 2 a.m. because then he received four OnStar alerts sent to his phone. truck theft protection system worked. However, that’s all he knows at the moment.

Police said they were still working on their protocol. The owner hopes that the fact can help them the car is one of only 200 existing. He added that “this is a very obvious car. It stands out like a sore thumb. ”

He added that the joke was with the one who stole the trailer because the car, which is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of 510 liters. You cannot register it. There is nothing else from it race».

Although the police recommend never leaving valuables outdoors in the car and remember this lock your car and never leave it to work, the owner said it all did.

“I hear a lot about stolen cars in this area, and they seem to be on the rise,” he said. “Awareness should be there. We all need to be vigilant, watch one. ”


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