Despite being almost 60 years old and seemingly fascinated by new, more powerful telecommunications technologies, Fax A new study has shown that it is still very much alive and active.

Report from electronic fax A survey of 1,001 heads of IT and business solutions at large enterprises, SMEs and public sector organizations found that most firms (54%) have 6 to 50 fax users. Moreover, the fifth claimed that there were 51 or more fax users in their organizations.

To make things even more surprising, more than a third (37%) of respondents said they expect increased use of faxes in the future, and 28% expect that use will remain the same. Only 35% expect a reduction in fax usage.

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Contracts, company accounts, confidential documents

The results seem to be strongly related to the fact that everyone sends and receives secure documents remotely, more than ever before. Last year, about two-thirds (64%) said the number of protected documents received remained the same or increased. In general, the third part sends and receives secure documents every day.

Almost half (45%) exchange such documents via password-protected e-mail, 43% use encrypted e-mail software. Among fax users, 35% use cloud fax systems, 31% mix them with traditional fax machines, and 15% use only traditional fax machines.

Looking at the types of documents sent by fax today, most are contracts (56%), followed by leases (44%), company accounts (31%), commercially confidential documents (28%) and documents containing confidential bank details. (26%).

“Fax remains central to many businesses and their operations. His secret life is at the heart of many organizations, ensuring effective transfers of secure and legally binding documentation today and for years to come, ”commented Scott Wilson, vice president of sales and service for eFax.

“It is therefore not surprising that the biggest factor in the continued use of fax is security at 41%. But this is soon followed by economic efficiency of 36%, GDPR compliance of 34% and the growing importance of cloud storage by 23%.

“Cloud fax providers had to develop an infrastructure that guarantees business users the most secure, private and legally compatible way to share their sensitive data with customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties. That’s why the secret life of fax will remain at the heart of many business processes, ”Wilson concluded.

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