This brand new high-tech rowing machine is now on sale

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Let’s be honest for a second: Sticking to a fitness regimen is a chore. Even if you love it, it’s still hard work—it is there is kind of the point, after all. But you can make it easier by using technology to your advantage. Or at least that’s what it is people from Aviron bet on their new high-tech home rowing machine for flogging Rower of a strong series — which just came out, but already with a discount of $200.

Aviron Strong Series Rower

Yes, we know there is many oarsmen on the market, from Hydro to NordicTrack and everything in between. However, the Aviron Strong Series, as we discovered after its release, unlike other oarsmen. It uses a collection of patented technologies and comfort features – such as adjustable foot width, a plush seat, extra lumbar support and a seat that lifts to make it easier for the rower to stand up – all designed to make it as comfortable and accessible as possible for rowers of all sizes. Combine this with gamified learning (which has been shown to increase fitness performance), and you have one of the most affordable, fun home rowers ever invented.

To receive a $200 discount, bringing the price of the rower down to $2,299, all you have to do is sign up for the brand’s newsletter; it’s that simple. Of course, this deal won’t last, so get your fitness journey off to a good start while you can save a little on zeros.


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