Pickup trucks may have started out as utilitarian work vehicles, but now, more than ever before, they’re capable of giving big smiles. The Ford Maverick proved that it can be both practical and fun, and in a new video we see how the easily tuned car set a new drag racing record. And this new record speed makes this tuned truck much faster than some cars that are specially built for speed.

For the first time people noticed above St Drive, this Ford Maverick is owned by David Buschurs, the man who runs Burschurs LLC. The company specializes in performance parts that make all kinds of cars faster than they are stock. This particular Maverick managed to run the quarter mile in just 13.565 seconds, and it’s not built for the moon yet.

Its modification list includes a flap, a front-panel intercooler, a 3-inch intake, a rear exhaust system, and tune to optimize all these modifications on 93-octane gas. While there’s no mention of current horsepower levels, we do know that last year Bushur found that the intake alone netted him around 26 hp. (19 kW) and 17 lb-ft (23 Nm) of torque.

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It should also be noted that this quarter mile time definitely has room for improvement. Buschurs LLC could add a more powerful turbocharger and add some E85 to the mix. Of course, before you do that, this little truck is already very fast compared to a lot of other fast cars.

Standard versions of the Kia Stinger GT Mercedes EQS 450+Subaru WRX and BMW All 230i M-Sport Coupes are slower than this Maverick. And none of them can carry all the gear this thing can.

For his part, Buschur isn’t content with making this truck fast on the straight. He also posted a video of this same truck at autocross events. We can’t wait to see how fast the tuners end up making the Maverick, and we’re thankful its ECU isn’t locked like the upcoming Mustang will be.

Image Credit: David Boushour on MaverickTruckClub