Thanks to advances in green energy technologies, we are seeing more and more ways to produce and use renewable energy. In Scotland, the company is reinventing power turbines using a massive spacecraft called the Orbital O2 2MW. Orbital O2 is a floating tidal turbine platform designed for combat climate change by creating clean electricity for millions of homes. The massive ship is attached to a fastening system and uses blades to capture moving currents while it floats in open waters. Captured currents are sent to cells that generate electricity to create clean energy. Orbital says one O2 can generate 2.5 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 1,700 homes in the UK each year. O2 is huge; at 236 feet, it’s the same length as the 747 Jumbo Jet with two folding legs 59 feet long and two blades 32.8 feet long. Should this technology be ubiquitous?

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