This story contains independent illustrations of the fictional Ferrari 288 GTO Hommage by Zhiheng Guo, which are not affiliated with or endorsed by Ferrari..

Arguably, there are too many cars that pay homage to the designs of their predecessors. Sometimes, looking at the design of an old model and modernizing it, it turns out well, as with Koenigsegg CC850. However, things don’t always work out so well, as the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 proves.

So, if a talented designer Zhiheng Guo told us that he created a modern interpretation of the iconic Ferrari 288 GTO, we were a little worried about how it might turn out. We shouldn’t worry, because not only is it freaking gorgeous, but it might even look better than the car that inspired it.

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When creating the car, the designer adopted a similar wedge shape 288 GTO but made it fresh with smoother lines and some challenging angles. This is especially evident on the sides of the car, where the simple NACA ducts of the original have been replaced by intakes that flow seamlessly from the doors.

The front part of Art 288 GTO The Hommage is particularly eye-catching because it lacks traditional headlights and makes do with narrow LEDs positioned just above the blacked-out front grille. The lights may not be very functional in the real world, but they sure look good.

Other design highlights include squared-off rear wheel arches and sexy five-spoke wheels.

Then we come to the rear. The obvious design inspiration was taken from the Ferrari 296 GTB, but we think Guo’s car looks even better, thanks to slimmer LED taillights, a central tailpipe mounted lower on the dash and a slightly more defined diffuser. The shape of the rear engine cover, the supports and the tiny rear window are also similar to 288 GTO.

Thank you Zhiheng Guo for sharing your work with us!

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