Google is set to unveil its Pixel 9 lineup of smartphones in August, a month earlier than usual. Along with new hardware, which has already been leaked, the company is expected to introduce new AI-driven software features.

In an exclusive report, Android Authority reveals several new AI features that may be included in the Pixel 9. According to a source inside Google, a screenshot titled “Discover Google AI at its best” lists five features to be highlighted with the new smartphone release.

Existing Features

Two of these features are already known:

  1. Circle to Search: Allows users to draw a circle around an element on their screen to initiate a search.
  2. Gemini: Google’s AI assistant, which can replace the traditional Google Assistant on Pixel devices.

New AI Features

Here are the three new AI features rumored to be part of the Pixel 9 launch:

Add Me

This feature aims to ensure everyone is included in group photos. It appears to use AI to edit individuals into a picture if they were not in the frame. This complements Google’s existing Best Take feature, which allows users to choose the best face of each person from multiple photos.


Described as “You imagine it. Pixel creates it.” Studio seems to be an AI image generator built into the Pixel. This aligns with Google’s reported development of an app called Creative Assistant, which is primarily for making stickers. Studio may offer unique Pixel or Android-specific functionalities.

Pixel Screenshots

    • This is the most intriguing feature. Similar to Microsoft’s Recall, but specifically for screenshots saved on your Pixel. Pixel Screenshots scans your existing screenshots to create a searchable library. It saves extra data for future screenshots, including web links, app names, and timestamps, to facilitate easier searches. Google emphasizes that all data access and processing occur on-device, ensuring user data does not reach Google’s servers. However, this feature raises potential privacy concerns, as it could allow anyone with access to your phone to easily search for sensitive information.

While these features have not been officially announced by Google, they offer a glimpse into the potential AI advancements coming with the Pixel 9. We’ll have to wait and see which features the company decides to include when the new smartphone launches later this year.