Tom Dumoulin’s return to the grand tour did not go the way he wanted, as the Dutchman left Gira d’Italia in the second week.

“The bank is empty. I really don’t know what I can say about it now. It is very disappointing, ”Dumoulin said.

He cites great fatigue and inability to rise to a high level, possibly with an unknown disease.

“I can’t disconnect the power from the pedals so it doesn’t hurt. There is simply no form. At the moment I have no answer to the question why, ”he said.

He played a crucial role in Cohen Bowman’s victory in the seventh stage, where Dumoulin showed excellent form, gaining a lead and resisting attacks throughout the day.

“I noticed I wasn’t in the best shape Jira. However, I was determined to finish and finish with the rest of the team in Verona, ”he said.

“I would like to at least get the necessary racing mileage. Every morning I tried to get into the area to do my best, but I just failed. My body is worn out. “

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