The concept bike is an adaptation of the previous generation of pedal bikes, allowing riders to use the latest innovations on their platform of choice. Custom bike manufacturers and modders have allowed riders to customize the bike to their liking. These are the most popular custom motorcycle options on the market today.


10/10 New York Norton

This body shop specializes in the hipster trend, for example Norton Commando Cafe Racer. Each motorcycle is custom built, including engine performance, reliability modifications and high performance. These bikes are located and manufactured in the New York area, with individual requests for each part of the vehicle. While the Norton Commando is their bread and butter, the group works on Atlas singles, Dominator Twins and Manx/Matchless in a variety of chassis. A complete rebuild will cost ~$6000, including several upgrades and performance parts. Other minor upgrades provided by the group include a four-speed Norton Ratio upgrade and a gearbox setup for a better shifting power range. Each assembly is made individually for the customer, including consultation with the designers with the customer. Project scope is projected and pricing information is provided in this session. For a complete rebuild of the bike, the group offers a starting price tag of $27,500.

9/10 Deus Ex Machina

Triumph Bonneville promo image by Deus

Deus Ex Machina Customs takes a different approach to custom bike ownership, focusing mainly on reducers and hobbyists interested in displaying their custom builds. Like a good recipe book with a glossy photo of the most beautiful lasagna you’ve ever seen, this group offers a complete recipe and instructions for your own cycling entries. These “recipes” are on the Shop Collections page, where all bike owners need to purchase a base model bike and get a list of parts to set up their new gear. Come to Deus for the best parts with the most classic designs and bring the wrench you need! We especially appreciate their line of Royal Enfield Classic bikes and their fresh Honda Donkey configuration (Honda Monkey special build).

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8/10 Diamond atelier

As you can see on the store’s landing page, Diamond atelier of motorcycles exudes quality and refined style; These designs are reminiscent of James Bond with their style and taste for expensive accessories. While they’ve gained popularity in customizing classic BMW bikes, they do offer fairings based on some supersport models and some street bike options. Our favorite of their builds, nicknamed Groot, presents a fresh vision of the BMW R Nine T with a Ducati Scramble/Bonneville look. The bike has a custom painted gas tank, as well as a special seat, suspension system and exhaust. Other honors are their mark Ducati Scrambler 1200 and various classic BMW designs focused on minimalism and stark contrasts. From top to bottom, teams of designers and engineers work together to achieve a common goal. They consider themselves consultants, but regularly get their hands dirty with customers’ vehicles, check out their website if you’re interested.

7/10 LC Fabrications

Long gone are the days of one-on-one metal fabrication classes at the local high school and blacksmiths at America’s auto shops. LC Fabrication goes against the grain in its business model. With state-of-the-art CNC operating procedures, classic metalwork, and specialization in steel, the company creates unmistakable designs in accordance with the designer’s imagination. They sell their consulting services and custom bike kits for those with a mechanical bent. Their approach to removing unnecessary parts from the bike and leaving the most functional parts shows great dedication and craftsmanship. We’re particularly fond of their rogue and panster designs, which are called obvious references to the old-school post-WWII helicopter. Look for this shredder shop if you are interested in classic shredder designs and custom sheet metal fabrication.

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6/10 Down and Out Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer is a nice excuse to buy that broken CB750 sitting in your neighbor’s garage. While most cafe racer builds end up being bought “Sold As Is” and sold at a loss, this shop is committed to reviving the category and maintaining its momentum in pop culture. The Down and Out team has repeatedly voted for’s Custom Bikes of the Week, looking for fresh designs. A notable example was Frankenstein’s assembly of a motorized BMW motorcycle with a special engine and reinforced frame. Really wonderful. Other entries focus mainly on the classic Triumph motorcycle category. Previous builds include their rugged and flamboyant T100 Bonneville, the punchy Triumph Thruxton and the ghost racer themed Bonneville SE. This is a great example of high taste in the motorcycle industry.

5/10 Low customs

Why don’t we as motorcyclists have the same set up options as our other 2 wheeled friends the cyclists? Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop shop where you could get everything you need to rebuild your bike, including the frame, engine, and tires? Look no further; Lowbrow will help you. Known for their guide to parts selection and customization, Lowbrow is a playground for the engineer-minded rider looking for refined style. Now you can choose the frame type and silhouette design you prefer, and all you have to do is add your items to your cart and wait for them to arrive. The team regularly raffles off some of their classic pieces to regular customers and sells out of fashion items quickly. While their specialty is custom cruisers, we have to mention their Honda CT90 “Dreamsicle” example, focusing on the classic Red Rider style and aesthetic.

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4/10 London’s death machines

As a surprise to most of us, this team does not build custom guillotines in their assembly shop. Although they are no less dangerous for some, their motorcycles seem much more impressive. The owner of London’s death machines was introduced to motorcycling at a young age and has always had a penchant for customizing stock products to suit his requirements. Although they also hire their consulting services through the contact information on their website, this team shows us their most impressive projects at the museum. Our favorite is the Air Force Assembly; Ridley Scott’s alien-like bicycle, front; this bike seems to be most inspired by World War era fighters on an oval racing bike frame. The base bike in this build was a 1982 Moto Guzzi LeMans MK2, barely recognizable in this new stainless steel suit and found in a yard in Italy. These remarkable works of engineering are sure to attract the attention of the roads. We appreciate their dedication to the art of custom metalwork and encourage Steam Punk Riders to seek their services.

3/10 Rough crafts

When you walked into the showroom of your local motorcycle dealer and selected your current motorcycle, I’m sure there were some features that interested you and sold you on buying a motorcycle. There was a special seat, a beautiful paint job or a poignant pendulum. Over time, the design gets boring and needs a quick refresh to make the rider feel special again. Rough Crafts is here to help you through the process. Their ideology is to elevate the standard motorcycle with high quality custom parts, namely in the cruiser segment. We loved the 2017 Milwaukee Eight Softails, but for some reason this group blew us away with the Tarmac Raven design. Somehow combining the aesthetics of Tron Legacy and Mad Max, this is sure to be a hit at your local bike meet. The Flatout Titan and Flying Phantom are similar in style and showcase the team’s skills in this area.

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2/10 Secret motto

Side profile of the custom Yamaha XV920R that served as Daryl’s bike from The Walking Dead

Classified Moto is the clear favourite for the team here at TopSpeed. We mentioned their build for The Walking Dead and Darryl Dixon’s bike on various occasions. Their minimalist style and unique approach to upgrading the various stock bikes they work on (everything from the Triumph Daytona to the FZ09 (and usually a mix of several cycles)) make them stand out at various showcases for their projects. Their specialty is stripped metal, rat racer style and as little paint as possible. One of our favorites besides the Daryl bike is the Frank Bike, an upgraded Speed ​​Triple with various parts from the VFR and various features from their BW650 projects. Another honorable mention is the Junior bike, a CT70 hotrod with adjustable stem and stainless steel theme. We appreciate their dedication to the brand, clearly recognizable by the colors and paintwork of the front fork.

1/10 Motorcycles Arch

The 1S features mid-mounted controls paired with a low, flat handlebar for a comfortable yet sporty riding position

We’ve saved the best for last, and Arch is no stranger to praise and recognition. It all started when Keanu Reeves turned to his friend and custom bike builder, Gard Hollinger, for a custom Harley-Davidson design to turn his cruiser into a more performance bike. Due to the praise of some observers for the project, they decided to bring their plans to the market. Their most famous motorcycle, KRGT-1 opened a new segment for cyberpunk performance Category V Twin Engine. The 1S bike pushes the company into the sports bike genre with a more aggressive lean angle and sleeker design. Our favorite is the Method 143, which seems like a work of art on wheels and fierce. It has the most attractive rear fairing of any bike we’ve seen. The custom team manufactures most parts in their shop to the customer’s design ideas and material specifications. Built in the Los Angeles facility, this bike is set to be a premium option for KRGT-1 customers. We look forward to seeing what’s next for this fledgling company.