Unknown to most celebrities, they like to wave a leg over a powerful engine every now and then. Actors and celebrities are known to ride motorcycles to the movies or on weekends. This attracted the attention of the motorcycle industry, which made it possible to secure financing for the projects. Here are the top 10 famous horse riders and their chosen horses.


10/10 Brad Pitt

The star of contemporary epics such as Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Fight Club, Brad Pitt has a flair for the dramatic and powerful. During his years as an action-adventure star, he has been seen with a wide variety of modern and powerful vehicles, ranging from stock to powerful custom motorcycles. The The Ecosse Titanium Series XX stands out from the crowd. It’s a $300,000, 210-horsepower car that was last seen driving on the streets of Los Angeles. He has been seen on various Ducatis, the star’s favourite, and some classic Royal Enfields. His most prolific motorcycle is indeed his old Harley. This classic style featured a rat-inspired engine and fuel tank, monkey hangers and gear lever (clearly showing his prowess in the sport. We look forward to seeing what’s next on his two-wheeler shopping list).

9/10 Gordon Ramsay

According to the interview, the angry chef was a motorcycle enthusiast. When he’s not making your favorite chef cry in pain on national television, you can catch him cornering on his high-powered superbikes. These bikes range from Ducati 748, Ducati 1098S, FZR1000, Yamaha R1 and Honda Fireblade. He also regularly attends track days riding his trusty Ducati Monster 696 and Ducati Desmosedici. One can’t help but wonder if he talks to his motorcycles with the same intensity as he does to his co-chefs. Despite this, the staff is impressed with his taste in food and bite in the car.

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8/10 Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard, who rose to fame on Ashton Kutcher’s popular prank show Punk’d, has become a favorite of podcasting and action comedy audiences. Without Paddle, Zathura and CHIPS to name a few. We loved his take on the California Highway Patrol’s hit CHIPS and his eagerness to show us what’s possible on these big-body road patrol bikes. His daily rider consists of several entries dedicated to the sports cruiser category (with a cafe racer theme). His dearest position Ducati Sport 1000, popularized the custom bike market by the movie Game of Thrones, Sams bike in the movie. He likes to ride it around town, showing off his really hard-to-find motorcycle.

7/10 Dave Chappelle

The prolific comedian, actor and social commentator Dave Chappelle has done it all. From a very young age, he toured the country as a stand-up comedian, performing stand-up with the greats. In addition to working in the film industry and the comedy industry, Dave decided to settle in rural America and start participating in more adrenaline-pumping activities. He owned a Royal Enfield and was seen on the Norman Reedus show Ride with Norman Reedus riding around Savannah, Georgia on his Triumph Bonneville. Dave has a flair for the more classic sports on two wheels. He claimed that he fantasizes about riding the coast on a motorcycle, but has yet to experience a real cannonball run. Regardless of your opinion of Dave’s views, it’s hard to disagree that the man has taste and confidence.

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6/10 Michael Jordan

The man behind the rise of the Bulls franchise, the protagonist of The Last Dance series, the famous player and fierce competitor, Michael Jordan is famous in several areas of his life. He played baseball, competed in golf, and as far as most know, he also raced sports bikes. He claimed that motorcycle racing was one of his favorite races, aside from breaking records in the NBA. He also briefly owned the Michael Jordan Motorsports motorcycle racing team. After retiring, Michael rode his bike late at night to avoid the paparazzi and let off steam. In 2004, that passion manifested itself into team ownership with teammate Montez Stewart racing his Jordan-designed YZF-R1. Air Jordan Brand Shoes designers also helped him design and equip the car. No one has seen Michael on his two-wheeled steeds, but now he is the owner of a Nascar team, showing his love for the racing culture.

5/10 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an infamous action star, self-made stunt double and stuntman who owns only the rarest and most unique motorcycles in his stable. The Vyrus 987 is one of his most famous cars, with a revolutionary double pendulum and innovative frame. It was custom made for the movie star, likely costing him around $104,000. The Ducati Desmosedici RR is its very own MotoGP bike, but in this case it’s hardly allowed on the streets. With all the features of a modern race bike, this Desmosedici is a crowd pleaser like a Ducati. It would be remiss of him not to include an electric bicycle in this list. In true Tom Cruise dramatic fashion, he chose the most unique electric motorcycle in existence Confederate Hellcat. This car took him to the premiere of MI3 and cost a cheap $60,000. The other attractions he owns are different from the one he was last seen wearing and hanging in the last part of his latest action movie.

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4/10 Jason Momoa

You’d think this man would be obsessed with submarines, jet skis and the occasional sailboat. In a surprising turn of events, Aquaman’s favorite vehicle is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Jason has worked with the American Cruiser Company on numerous occasions, creating various commercials, riding a classic rat-style cruiser bike with his friends, and filming on his Red Cinema Camera. He even has his own custom branded clothing line and various custom cruiser models with his name on them. It’s hard to find a bike newer than 1940 in his garage, because his tastes are rooted in the old-school World War II cruiser style. He has a flair for tradition and is regularly seen sporting old-school nautical and merchant attire and riding custom-made bikes. His partnership and obsession with the brand was one of the best things to happen to the company in a long time.

3/10 Keanu Reeves

If you were to go back in time and tell a random person that Keanu Reeves was a prolific modern action star, they would look at you in utter amazement. As we all know by now, Keanu is a legend in the action world, reviving the genre with the Matrix franchise, the John Wick franchise, and various other forays into the film industry. Not only does the man have many bikes for his personal use, but he also owns his own custom bike company. In the early 2000s, Keanu approached a friend who was a custom bike builder and asked if he wanted to build a custom Harley, aiming for a more futuristic and streamlined design with some premium parts. His friend agreed, and the Arch Motorcycle Custom Bike Company was born. Many bike designers and artists have praised their current model, the KRGT1, as one of the most streamlined and iconic reinventions of the ecosystem in a long time. His bikes range from low six-figure prices to high six-figures, adding custom 3D milled carbon fiber and steel mechanisms and all the premium accessories to every part of the bike. He tests each new iteration, and currently they only sell custom bikes to those riders who contact the shop. The action star also plays sports The Kawasaki Z1000 featured in the Matrix trilogy, and various supersport bikes in his regular track day appearance. The man really has great the taste

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2/10 Norman Reedus

The cruiser in The Walking Dead Season 1 may not have been the most functional or stealthy vehicle for the zombie apocalypse, but it made a statement. Almost as expressive as a redhead with a crossbow on her back. Daryl Dixon became a staple of the series, even garnering the attention of main character Rick Grimes in later seasons. This new emphasis on motorcycles on television was echoed by shows like Sons of Anarchy becoming mainstream. Later in the series, Norman rides a special rat bike inspired by Mad Max ideas and customized Classified Moto for the series. The bike was recently auctioned off, but won’t soon be forgotten with its knobby tires and ferocious sound. Norman got his first taste of 2-wheel adrenaline at an early age, borrowing a friend’s 125cc pit bike and riding it around the streets of his hometown. Since then, he’s always been busy with various film and television contracts, and likes to take days off to explore the local area. Fortunately, this obsession has turned into a career well, as he now regularly rides on “Ride with Norman Reedus”, in which he accompanies various celebrities and individuals on a week-long tour of world attractions on the bikes of their choice. Thanks to this newfound popularity in the public market, Norman has been a familiar face to those interested in the sport in recent years.

1/10 Ewan McGregor

The granddaddy of motorcycle content, Ewan McGregor, is hard to ignore when it comes to celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts. Ewan is a great ambassador for the sport, he really understands the importance of the open road and the importance of motorcycles in the culture. In several filmed segments, Ewan and his friend Charlie Boorman traveled around the world on a variety of vehicles ranging from custom Dual Sport ADV bikes to the latest entry using Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Bikes. Like Norman, Ewan also included cycling time and bike specifications in his film contracts, touring around and riding twisties. In one instance, he ran out of gas on a local highway in California and had to hold up a sign to help him on his way. In the words of the man himself:

“It’s all about motorcycles. It’s always been like that, it’ll always be like that.”