Sports cars are not known to be safe, but the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ 2022 continue to do things differently. Sports cars engaged in price have just passed the crash tests of the Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) and returned with the organization’s highest scores.

Both GR86 and BRZ received the Top Safety Pick + award from IIHS. Two sports cars received a rating of “Good” in all six crash tests, come with headlights that have a rating of “Good”, and have an additional system of prevention of front accidents, which received a rating of “Higher”. These are the best possible scores for the relevant tests.

While we are a little surprised that the two sports cars received the organization’s highest award, we are not surprised that the two cars have the same score. Sports cars are identical to each other except for a few elements of style and tuning.

Unlike some other Top Safety Pick + winners, Toyota and Subaru receive the highest award in the corresponding base configurations, which in the standard configuration come with headlights with a good rating. In order to get an affordable front-line accident prevention system, consumers will have to go with a model with an optional automatic transmission.

The award for new sports cars that have returned in the form of completely redesigned models after a one-year hiatus in the 2022 model year means an improvement over previous crash test results. Both BRZ 2020 and Toyota 86 received a score acceptable in the front test with a slight overlap on the part of the driver. Sports cars scored well in the other four tests, but IIHS did not fully complete testing on the models.

With the awards enthusiasts can rest assured that they will be safe in an accident on BRZ and GR86. It is unusual for a carmaker to focus on the safety of small, affordable sports cars, as other qualities, mostly performance, take precedence. At the time of writing, the BRZ and GR86 are the only sports cars tested by IIHS to receive the Top Safety Pick + award for the 2022 model year.

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In the photo: Toyota GR86 2022 (above), Subaru BRZ 2022 (middle)

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