We stressed greedy dealer markup practices before. We also talked about how bad they look to the parent automaker and how some CEOs have even condemned the practice, but one Toyota dealer in Maryland has a bZ4X with a markup of over $ 25,000. And not only are they trying to milk customers for random profits.

The bZ4X is not necessarily the most coveted new electric vehicle. It’s not the cheapest, it doesn’t have the best range, and it is may not charge when it gets very cold outside. Despite this, customers across the country who want a new car are having a hard time looking for dealers with full lots. The result is markup that doesn’t seem to be verified.

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Screenshot Toyota from Portland

Not long ago we found another Toyota dealer who asked for $ 10,000 for a seat in the queue for the new GR Corolla. Then, A Toyota spokesman told us the following:

“Toyota has set a manufacturer’s recommended retail price (MSRP), that is, as it sounds, the retail price offered by manufacturers. Because our dealers are independent business owners, the final transaction price will be the result of customer-dealer interactions. Our sales team has consulted with our regional offices to ask them to be aware of transaction prices and to consult with dealers if necessary. ”

If you think this is a nasty answer, you are not alone, and it is such a brazen attempt to seem customer-oriented encourages some dealers to do what Koons Toyota Westminster makes when they list bZ4X for $ 77,278. Keep in mind that the MSRP for bZ4X Limited with no additional options is $ 47,625 for advanced and $ 48,780 for all-wheel drive. We understand that MSRP means “manufacturer’s suggested retail price,” but that’s just ridiculous.

Another dealer in Portland openly charges an additional $ 9,999 for each bZ4X. While this is certainly more attractive than the surcharge of nearly $ 30,000, let’s consider what we’re talking about.

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Photo by Michael Gauthier / Carscoops.com

bZ4X is not exactly groundbreaking for anyone other than Toyota itself. We can’t imagine anyone with common sense being willing to pay for any of these cars at a surcharge if competitors offer better-sounding vehicles at prices asked by these dealers, or even for less.

If you hate markups just as much as we do, it’s important to avoid paying over MSRP whenever possible. Several dealers claim your business, and especially in cases where the car in question is unlikely to fly off the shelf, don’t be afraid to go elsewhere for the car you want.


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