Dealers also asked about future additions to the Toyota bZ4X and Lexus RX450e BEV lineup, as well as how dealers should prepare their dealerships to sell them and help their customers with home charging, said Findley, chief operating officer of Findlay Automotive Group.

Toyota Motor North America brand manager Dave Christ said that open and frequent communication between the automaker and its Toyota and Lexus dealer networks has been key to maintaining maximum dealer efficiency through a lack of production.

“Security is our number one problem, and we have shared a lot of information about how complex and global it is,” Christ said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty now, but I think we’re doing a very good job, it’s just staying in touch with our dealers talking about what we know. After all, when a dealer knows what’s going on, they talk that and to the customer ».

Christ said TMNA’s management expects production challenges to continue over the summer and “possibly in the third quarter, depending” on external events.

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