Trader Interactive, the parent company of leading online marketplaces in the lifestyle car and commercial equipment industry, as well as a trusted source of vehicle market share for life, has unveiled a new powerful pricing toolkit that saves dealers hours of research by providing average competitively priced means of transportation. market area (DMA) in one view. The two new package tools use exclusive current pricing data to eliminate the need to obtain and research pricing information on an individual basis, speeding up pricing decisions for market announcements as well as for buying and exchanging used cars.

Offering high-level reviews as well as filter-based detail capabilities for details on individual divisions, both tools can be accessed through TraderTraxx, which Interactive Marketplace advertisers use to manage their inventory, leads and reporting. They are:

  • Search outside the lotthat simplifies pricing decisions when buying or exchanging used cars for dealers who advertise on Cycle Trader, RV Trader, ATV Trader, PWC Trader and Snowmobile Trader. This tool provides instant access to competitive prices for relevant units at the dealer’s DMA with the ability to filter by price range, class, condition, year and condition, as well as make, model and finish, helping dealers determine how much they should pay to purchase used units. to make a profit from resale.
  • Lot analysis, which displays an unfiltered list of total dealer inventory on supported Trader Interactive interactive marketplaces along with detail capabilities that provide quick and easy comparisons with competitors ’prices on individual DMA units, state and country averages. The deficit rating shows the market demand for a particular unit that may affect pricing, and the market price index rating offers a quick look at how the unit compares to the average market price. Lot analysis is now available to advertisers Cycle Trader, RV Trader, ATV Trader, PWC Trader and Snowmobile Trader.

“Competitive prices are the key to success for recreational and power sports dealers, but it has so far taken considerable effort to conduct the research needed to put the best unit price on the lot or available through Trade-in,” said Jason Groser, head of data analytics and strategy at Trader Interactive. “Our new suite of pricing tools simplifies the process by combining pricing information and our patented market data into a single interface that can be analyzed in any way a dealer chooses in a few clicks. This will help our dealers increase efficiency, maximize profits and gain even greater competitive advantages over dealers who do not advertise in our markets. ”

The Pricing Tools package uses current pricing data, available exclusively from Trader Interactive databases, and is available as a two-report package or as separate reports. More information is available by visiting Pricing tools page.

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