In today’s episode WHAT IS A TRUCK?!? Duner and Dude talking to the creative minds of First Gear, Inc. to learn all about the world of high quality semi truck replicas.

Speaking of scale, have you ever built a trucking company with 20x revenue? We’ll learn about the real-world basics needed to build a great business, and how those very basic skills translate to artificial intelligence.

Thieves dream of OLEDs, iPhone 14 Pros, PS5s, Legos, and whatever else is in your trailer. We find out what will be the most popular holiday this holiday season… according to thieves.

Also, Milton is found guilty; cargo DTF conspiracy theories; emotional support for alligators; JB Hunt awards $250,000 in scholarships; HOS release revoked; high dealer cost of converting to EV; are Boston Dynamics dog pets good and more.

With special guests Erika Rice at 1st Gear; Justin Lu, Founder and CEO of Ezpapel; Scott Cornell, Head of Traveler’s National Transportation, Crime and Theft Practice.

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