When driving in the rain this is very important be especially careful. This is increasingly true when driving large vehicles such as semi-trucks, and a prime example of this is this massive crash that occurred on a rainy Texas highway last week.

The incident took place in San Antonio on West I-10 near North Free Street. An instrument camera from a nearby car recorded the entire test, which began with two semi-trucks typically driving down the road in the rain. Then we see how the truck on the left applies the brakes, probably because it is driving too fast, given the fact that the truck on the right of it is not braking.

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However, these efforts did not seem to be enough, as the truck loses control, hits a barrier and the barrel returns to the truck on the right, causing it to collide. The first truck then returns to the barrier and passes through it, nearly overturning and leaving it suspended halfway. The end result was one semi-truck a knife, motionless, and blocking the highway, and the other hung behind a railing on the ramp below with the front end completely destroyed.

As a result of the accident, the whole section of the highway in both directions was closed for several hours, and drivers were advised to go the other route until it was cleared. Fortunately, according to officials at the scene, no one was injured in the accident, but the damage caused by these trucks is likely to be very expensive to repair.


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