We all want to get a good deal and the dollar doesn’t go that far as it was a year ago, but trying to continue the car halfway inside U-Haul is probably not the best solution. Surprisingly, the one who came up with the idea and then tried to implement it made even worse decisions that day. The whole situation ended with the driver, SUV and U-Haul being detained by police.

As almost everyone knows, U-Haul rents cars and even cheaper cars. With that in mind, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what was the reason for using this 10-foot truck to try to move what looks like an Isuzu Rodeo.

Perhaps it was just an attempt to get the most out of this lease. Perhaps it was just a wild idea that came to an end a series of bad choices. What we do know is that the driver was convicted for not securing the load with chains. The total was only $ 139.

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Of course, this is not exactly where the problems stopped, because the driver’s rights were suspended, and U-Haul and Rodeo were confiscated. Ah, and the truck itself with the U-Haul box is long overdue Three-city Herald. They also found that the vehicle was apparently driving around the area for at least a day or two before it was stopped by police.

So let’s disassemble this. This man rented U-Haul, saved him much later than his return date, then dangerously loaded his car and drove around town until he was stopped. No matter how wild it sounds, many commentators on Twitter have discussed the technical legality of the transportation method.

Based on the ticket issued against the security chains, it seems that this would make it legal under the letter of the law. We contacted Trooper, who originally posted the car on Twitter, and will update this post when we get a response.

Image Credit: Soldier John Bryant


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