It’s often said that the rules don’t apply to the rich, and 27-year-old Luc Desmaris is the epitome of that.

In accordance with various reportsDesmaris racked up at least 100 tickets in the past year for illegally parking his car BMW M4 on the streets of London. It was no accident, however, as he announced that “broke people see a fine, but I see a VIP parking lot.”

The sun reports that ticket fines totaled more than £7,000 ($8,131 / €8,157) last year alone, but that’s not a problem for him because “money doesn’t matter”. The publication also said Desmaris claims he earns more than £100,000 ($116,165 / €116,577) a month from online trading.

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While parking in London is a nightmare, Desmaris reportedly said: “I’m not blocking anything or doing anything wrong” other than parking illegally.

We’re a bit skeptical about all of this, as it sounds like the silly “sag” we’ve heard before, but it does raise an interesting point. While a $150 (£129/€150) parking ticket might be enough to dissuade someone earning $50,000 (£43,053/€50,177) a year from parking illegally, this fine those earning $500,000 (£430,570 / €501,775) or more annually are not affected as much. It also goes without saying if you already have to pay parking lotwhy not pay a little more to get a better parking spot.

Despite playing devil’s advocate and assuming your car isn’t towed, the reaction online has been mixed, with several people admitting to doing it themselves. However, others suggested that the fines should be based on income so that they hit wallets equally. This is how fines are collected in some countries, and we have seen six figure speeding tickets in the past.

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