According to Andrew Green, the team’s chief technical officer, Red Bull’s accusations that the intellectual property could have been transferred during the development of the Aston Martin service pack were “very broad.”

At the Spanish Grand Prix, Aston Martin presented a heavily updated car, very reminiscent of the Red Bull concept, and then the FIA ​​confirmed that it had conducted an investigation into the development of the car, but was pleased with Aston’s explanations.

Despite this, Christian Horner suggested that the IP could go from hand to hand at some point, but Green says the direction was already in full swing before any former Red Bull employees joined Aston Martin.

“I don’t know what the Red Bull charges are,” Green said. “All I can say is at no point have we ever received any data from any team from anyone. The FIA ​​came and conducted a thorough investigation, studied all the data and history of this car, interviewed all participants and concluded that it was a completely independent development.

“By the time you talk about potential employees, this car was conceived in the middle of last year as a dual route with a launch vehicle, and most releases were made even before anyone from Red Bull even showed up. Therefore, I believe that their accusations are very broad.

Green admits that RB18 has proven that it chose the wrong initial direction with its own development.

“If you look at the development of the car that stands now, you’ll see that it all happened late last year before we saw no one.

“We were on a double path, and it was a shock but also a surprise that Red Bull also came up with a similar concept, but I think it only reinforced our feeling that of the two paths we were open we went wrong side, and I think that was proof of that. “

An investigation was conducted, and the FIA ​​obtained permission for Aston Martin, which, according to Green, led to disappointment, although he has no problems with the governing body, which looks further at the work of the team.

«[We’re] Disappointed, especially by the fact that the FIA ​​made a statement regarding the car, they came in, looked and said it was legal self-employment.

“They see all the data – not only from us, but from all the teams – so they’re really the only ones who can make an opinion, and according to the rules, they’re obliged to make an opinion about it, and they are. For me, this is the end.

“We expect this to be the end, but if the FIA ​​wants to come back again and conduct a further investigation, we will be happy that they will do so.

“We were completely open and honest with them throughout the process, we gave them all the access they asked for, and if they want to come back and do something else, we are more than happy that it will happen.”

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