popular site builder Wix has updated its site validation tool with Google’s new URL Validation API to allow users to view their entire website from the dashboard.

Modernization means Wix users will have access to an overview of the health of their website, as well as suggested changes aimed at improving their Google ranking.

Wix is ​​the first CMS release a built-in site validation tool based on Google’s new API.

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The Wix SEO Mission

Wix says it’s expanding its SEO tools to provide complete customization to make complex SEO practices and features more accessible to all business owners.

The new feature should be added to the Wix SEO dashboard tools and will be gradually rolled out to all users.

While Wix hasn’t set a final date for the rollout, once it’s complete, users will be able to click “Verify Site” to open and start validating all of their site’s URLs at once.

“This new tool is an exciting addition to Wix’s suite of new releases that help Wix users have more advanced SEO features built into the platform to help them easily increase their search engine visibility,” Wix wrote in blog post.

“This new tool offers users a simple and affordable way to monitor and understand their sites’ issues and indexing status as reported by Google Search Console. This allows for a more affordable way to improve the technical health of your sites.”

An overview of each website’s technical status is available in Wix’s Highlights section, where the website builder provides comprehensive reports that list each URL’s indexing status and issues in plain language.

The company also provides users with Wix Knowledge Base (KB) articles that explain each issue and how to resolve it.

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