Kiwi was at the right pace for all three qualifying segments, his fastest lap was in the first quarter when he lowered his own lap record from 1m18,237s.

He was only fourth in speed in the 2nd quarter, but again picked up the pace in the final shootout for the pole from 1 m18.264 s, despite the moment of exit from the sweeper.

The gap to Waters in second place was only 0.04 seconds.

“[The car] better than a driver, “said van Gisbergen.” I kept making mistakes in that as well [segment] I had a problem, I couldn’t get a sixth on the straight, and it hung on the limiter. I haven’t lost much, but it’s still annoying.

“But yes, it’s very difficult to drive here. So strong grip, the cars are really alive. I’m enjoying it. Let’s see how we go in the race.”

Chaz Mostert will start on the third after piping Will Brown only 0.001s.

Lee Holdsworthmeanwhile, led the road to Grove Racing, which was surprising given the pace of teammate David Reynolds in the first two qualifying segments.

Reynolds looked good in pole hunting with 1m18.2s in the first and second quarters before dropping to seventh place Anton de Pasquale of 1m18.632s if that mattered.

“I’m a little disappointed. It was a shitty house,” he said. “We’ll look at it, let’s see what it is. It could be a fucking driver. Who knows.”

Brock Feeney ahead of eighth place in qualifying Andre Heimgartner and Scott Pie.

Will Davison was an unexpected omission in the final qualifying after not passing through Q2.

The Dick Johnson Race the driver was third after the first run and then decided to serve a second race in hopes that time would be enough to get through.

However, this was not the case, Davison dropped to 13th place when others improved.

“I think then we were smart in the first run and we would have gone a piece faster, but you just don’t know what the track will do,” Davison explained.

“At the time, we thought we were going to sneak in at 10, and we knew we’d go faster in the next segment. But what do you do? We’re packed. We’d look good if we made it.”

Jaden Ojeda was the best of the two bogus characters Wokinsho Andretti United a driver who passed Q1 before passing 19th place in qualifying.

Surprisingly, he was ahead of his WAU teammate Nick Perkat which was knocked out in the starting segment.

He will start in 22nd place after failing to show the same improvement as Mostert, in the team’s horror show in Perth.

Tim Slade it got even worse Blanchard is a racing team the ace is good enough only for 24th place in the net.

“I’d like to know,” Slade said when asked after the session why he was so far away.

“I felt that before Perth we didn’t have a car that we could understand, it all made sense. Perth was hard and I thought it was the only case, but we didn’t have a great test day and it continues to this day. . No idea. “

The first of three races starts at 15:35 local time.

Winton SuperSprint qualification results

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